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School Bag for 3 children


A big cheer to a new school year Many children in remote locations of the country do not have school bags to carry their basic school essentials. Your gift of school bags will make learning fun, joyful and simpler. It will build hope and confidence and motivate them to scale great heights




Notebooks for 12 Children


The ‘write’ stuff Notebooks play a vital role in school-going years. Your gift of notebooks will help children learn better and develop interest in studies. This will go a long way in ensuring that children attend school regularly, learn properly and dream their way to a bright future.




Bicycle for one child


Riding towards a bright future In many parts of the country, children have to walk long and unsafe routes to go to school. This reduces their time at home and time to study. Many children, especially girls, drop out of school due to security concerns. Your gift of bicycle will ensure that children have a safe way to attend school and will give them more time that they can use to study.




Solar Lamps for children


Brighten up their world, In rural parts of the country, erratic power supply poses a big problem. Your gift of solar light will enable school-going children regain their confidence as they now can study in the evening. With absolutely no maintenance costs, solar lights are a sure way to bring in light to families in remote villages. It will also provide a safe environment for people to continue their household work even in the evening.




Higher Educational Fees for one child


A dream come true Many children in poverty find it difficult to pursue higher education because their families cannot afford it. These children trade their dreams of higher education for jobs that fetch meagre income. Your gift will help children pursue their dreams amidst all odds.




Tuition Centre for 20 children


Children who are weak in studies need extra attention and coaching so they can cope with what is being taught in the school. Your gift of tuition centre will help provide coaching to 20 children.




Sweaters for 6 Children


Sweaters will protect children from extreme winters in the North. Gift sweaters and provide warmth to children.




Kitchen garden for 4 families


Gift a family an endless supply of good health and nutrition. Kitchen gardens provide a family in rural areas with healthy nutritious vegetables and fruits. Moreover, they can sell the surplus in the market and increase the family income. Gift a kitchen garden and make a lasting impact!




Food basket for 6 Families


Food basket is given every month for a period of 6 months for children with severe acute malnutrition. This food basket contains a combination of rice, ragi, masoor dal, green gram whole, refined sunflower oil, toor dal, wheat, Bengal gram dal, soyabean oil and jowar as per the context.




Medicated mosquito nets for 25 families


In many parts of the country, children often fall sick due to mosquito bites. Due to lack of proper medical care, the illnesses like malaria can be life-threatening. The mosquitoes are repelled by the medicated nets, providing safety to children and families from diseases.




Blankets for 100 children


In North India, where temperatures drop considerably during the winters, the gift of blankets will help provide much-needed warmth and comfort for children.




Small business for one family


Low wages and erratic employment causes families to struggle for their livelihood. Small business like tailoring unit or running a petty shop will help families earn sustainable income. This will enable them to provide better for their children and eventually break the vicious cycle of poverty.




Milch animal for a family


A gift of milch animals such as a cow or goats will help a struggling family in multiple ways. The milch animal will be a source of nutritious milk to the children. Also the surplus milk can be sold for income. The young ones can also be sold for additional income.




Safe Drinking Water for a School


With no access to safe drinking water, many children and families fall prey to water-borne diseases. Children miss out on school hours since they need to travel long distances to fetch water. A gift of safe drinking water will protect families from deadly diseases and will also help keep children in school.




Wash Kit for 75 Children


Surprise a child with this much-needed gift! WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) kit contains essentials like tooth paste, tooth brush, antiseptic soap and other hygiene items. Your gift will ensure that children maintain a good personal hygiene.




Toilet for a family or a school


Many people in rural and urban areas cannot afford even basic sanitation. Providing toilets, plus hygiene education, will prevent diseases and provide much desired dignity and privacy to the adolescent girls.




Organic seeds for a family


Gift a family an endless supply of good health and nutrition. Organic seeds help a family grow nutritious vegetables. The entire family including children will have a regular supply of good and nutritious food. This will also help the family earn income by selling the excess vegetables.




Nutrition for 3 Lactating Mothers


Having proper nutrition during pregnancy and lactation is essential for the good health of the mother and the baby. Your gift will help provide nutrition support for a period of 6 months to mothers having children below 2 years. The supplement includes wheat, rice, soyabean oil, dal and any type of grams based on the project location.




Tree Plantation for 10 families


Planting trees helps combat climate change, improves air quality, conserves water and preserves soil. Your gift of tree plantation and hedges will help protect the environment.




Equip Anganwadi





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