By giving up, you do two things:

  • You get a chance to know what it is like to go without something that you are used to. If you give up food for 24 hrs,
    you come close to experiencing, at least for a short while, what some children experience on a daily basis.
  • You show your community how important the cause is with your commitment.

Here is a list of what you can pick up to forgo-


For 24 hours by giving up food, you get to know what it is like for children to live without food or inadequate food. You can let people know about your progress constantly and it builds a tempo.


Millions of people in India have no electricity. For 24 hours if you give up the use of electricity, you will understand the plight of these people – Avoid turning on the switch.


For 24 hours by giving up technology, phones, emails, internet and other modern gadgets that we have become so used to, you go back to living life in its purest form. You will realize how absolutely dependent we have become on these things and you will start seeing things from a different stand point.


For 24 hours if you make up your mind to not use transport—cycles, cars, buses, bikes—you make it real hard for yourself and your hardship will give you a taste of how things are for children who have to travel long distances in rural India, without transport.


Our days begin with a rush which subsides only to resume again the next day. Have you tried keeping a day free from all the hassle and bustle? Take time off and observe peace and quiet for a day by keeping to yourself.


For 24 hours if you don’t shop, you will realize how so many things that we buy are not real necessities and most importantly you will realize how difficult it is for someone who is poor and not in a position to buy even basic things for themselves.