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Being connected has kept our partnership going with more than thousands of sponsors and donors. We do not want you to miss out on your child updates, important events or other announcements. Update your profile and stay connected.

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Step into your child's world. Here's a one-stop site for all information regarding your sponsored child and his or her community. Keep up to date with your child's progress and how your sponsorship is helping your child's community overcome the challenges they face. You can also make your monthly payments here.

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Track your payments anytime with ease. Also download your tax receipts from here. All your donations to World Vision India are eligible for tax exemption under sec 80G of Income Tax Act.

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With World Vision India working across 6252 communities in 191 districts in India, change happens daily. Day after day, our staff are reaching out to hundreds of vulnerable children. Read our stories of transformation and watch the videos of children who make their way out of poverty, thanks to the support of their sponsors.

Stories of change

When home is no longer safe

“I never imagined that any one from my community could ever perform such a terrible crime” . . .said Tara, a member of the Child Protection Unit. The incident has shocked Tara and the rest of the community. Two innocent children Kajal and her cousin, Priya were sexually abused by their neighbour. An old man who lived just above their house often lured the children into his house with sweets and money. For Kajal and Priya, treats were rare in their family.


Little children like Mohini earn Rs. 10 for stitching a football for over two days. Mohini was only eight when she began helping her mother stitch footballs. Caught in poverty, she wilfully left school to work with her mother and earn an income for the family. When Mohini turned 11, she pleaded with her mother to send her younger siblings to school. But her mother helplessly had to say no. Her income was only sufficient to feed the family two square meals a day. Thanks to sponsors like you, wholly free from informal labour, today, Mohini is 14 years old and goes to school. Not only her, but her younger siblings are school-going children as well.

Unlock a child's future and support their family while enjoying tax benefits. Contribute here to make a difference.