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A Healthy Childhood

Sita is World Vision India’s health worker monitoring the progress of the children in the community. During one of her regular visits in the community in 2014, Sita, came across a frail and weak Bhola who on weighing turned out to be severely malnourished and in need of immediate treatment.

A Healthy Childhood

“Bhola’s weight was four kilograms when he was one year old. A normal baby would weigh about 9 kilograms of the same age,” says Sita.

After referring to the Nutrition Rehabilitation centre where Bhola spent 18 days, he moved from severe to mild malnourishment. “If Sita would not have come, my child would have been in a bad state” says Lata, 27, mother of two children.

“Due to low birth spacing interval between both my children, Bhola was weak since he turned one year old” she adds. About two years ago, terms such as malnutrition, birth spacing, and supplement food were new to the mothers in Udalguri, Assam.

“Through the UMANG feeding program, we mothers learned how to cook nutritious food with whatever pulses and vegetables we have in our homes,” says Lata smiling.

Since 2014, Sita has identified about 170 malnourished children below the age of five and helped bring them to well-nourished state. “It gives me immense joy to see lives of children being saved through my work,” says Sita smiling.

World Vision India has distributed cows to malnourished children’s families so that they receive healthy nutritious diet through the milk products.

The Match

Children participate in a football match organized by the Football Club, Goa

Sponsor Visit

Rebika is delighted to meet her sponsor Mrs. Aparna Sen.

Visiting my Child

Mr. Archisman Chatterjee elated to meet his sponsored child Rajak in Rajasthan.

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