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WV India relief reaches 22,500 people

The August 2017 floods rattled the north-eastern states of Bihar, West Bengal, Assam and Mizoram, taking a toll on more than 790 lives, affecting 30.2 million people. While rescue operations were still on, the local residents struggled to come in terms with, their homes and dear ones being washed away.

55-year-old Budha Sada from Darbangha lost the house he lived with four other family members. “I can’t think of rebuilding my house. But, right now my concern is food. We don’t have any food left with us,” said Budha Sada.

In Bihar alone 2,30,000 people took shelter across 1085 relief camps set up by the government. While in Assam 91 relief camps housed 24,557 people. In West Bengal, the economic damage stood at 14,000 crores. The state government officials and the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) took up the rescue operations in the affected areas. Community kitchens were built in many places and relief funds were declared by the governments, besides food and shelter facilities.

Along with the governmental aid, the emergency relief of World Vision India too reached more than 22,500 people. The communities in seven ADPs (Area Development Programmes) of World Vision India, namely Kumarkhand, Saharsha, Khagaria, Lowaripowa, Jorhat, Nabagram and Bardhman, were affected by the floods. Around 3,610 households in Kumarkhand, Saharsha and Darbhanga were provided with dry ration, cooking oil, soaps and tarpaulin sheets.

In Mizoram, World Vision India distributed dry ration and other necessary non-food items to 833 households. World Vision India’s immediate relief and recovery measures like food, shelter, sanitation and short-term livelihood facilities played a major role in supporting the lives of the affected people.

World Vision India now plans to provide 8000 families with relief assistance (dry ration, shelter, non-food item) in Bihar (Saharsa, Khagaria, Darbhanga, Kumarkhand), West Bengal (Malda) and Assam (Lowaripowa and Dhemaji)

The West Bengal government has written a letter to World Vision India to provide assistance to the affected families in North Bengal, through water, sanitation and hygiene interventions.

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