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World Vision India has been making collective efforts in improving the quality of education at different levels, through programmes developed on the basis of the needs of the children in the communities. 


In order to improve the quality of education, World Vision India follows a multidimensional strategy

  • Work closely with government, community-based organisations and other stakeholders in the effective implementation of Right To Education Act.
  • Develop and pilot appropriate learning models and practices at the grass-root level to enhance the quality of learning.
  • Partner with government departments/ training institutions to build the capacity of teachers and teaching volunteers.
  • Empower communities to monitor the functioning of schools and advocate for the implementation of various Acts and Entitlements for quality education for all children.
  • Provide livelihood programmes for parents to enable them to earn a steady income to support their children’s education.
  • Support school-going children from vulnerable families by providing study materials, arranging special coaching programs, sharing course fees and encouraging children to enroll in vocational and professional education.

World Vision India also partners people’s organisations at grassroot levels to advocate with government to effectively implement the Right to Education act. World Vision India, in collaboration with the community based organisations, provides financial support to appoint additional teachers and transform school environment, making it conducive for children to learn. In order to sustain the results, World Vision facilitates enhancement of the economic status of families, for parents to be able to provide quality education for their children.

In a Partners Meet

Ms. Yogita Limaye meets her sponsored child Vasika at the Mumbai Partners Meet in Feb '16.

Visiting my Child

Mr. Archisman Chatterjee elated to meet his sponsored child Rajak in Rajasthan.

I can hear!

Hearing Aids help Bhavyasri hear now. Her parents were elated to see their daughter respond when they called.


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