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About Gift Catalogue

In the spirit of giving, we present our Gift Catalogue - a collection of 15 unique opportunities to make a profound difference. Each need in this catalogue unveils stories of hope and transformation, waiting for your kindness to bring them to life.

These are not just ordinary gifts; they are the embodiment of dreams, aspirations, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow. With every selection, you are choosing to be a part of something greater, a force for change. You are offering small gifts with colossal impacts, nurturing dreams, and crafting stronger lives.

In this season of sharing and love, let us come together to make a difference. Your generosity can illuminate the path to a better future for those who need it most. The journey begins with you, and together, we can create miracles, one perfect gift at a time.

Gift children the chance to write their future with hope. In rural areas, lack of basic stationery, like notebooks and textbooks, can lead to learning loss and school dropouts. Your gift can provide these essentials, igniting their interest in education and enabling them to pursue their studies.

Notebooks for 5 children



Open the door to education with the gift of a bicycle. In remote villages, children, especially girls, tackle lengthy and sometimes lonely paths to school. Your generous contribution can be their ticket to a safer and punctual journey, ensuring they don't miss out on the adventure of learning.

Bicycle for a child



Safe from the bite! Protect children's health in remote villages from deadly mosquito-borne illnesses. Your gift of mosquito nets can ensure 10 families have a peaceful night's sleep, free from the threat of Malaria and Dengue.

Mosquito nets for 10 families



With the chill winter setting in, children's health is at risk. Your warmth and care can provide 20 children with snug sweaters or blankets, wrapping them in comfort and protection, as they steer the frosty nights.

Sweaters or blankets for 20 families



Good Health, Garden Fresh. Support two families in creating kitchen gardens in their backyards. These gardens not only provide nutritious food but also the opportunity to sell excess produce. They enable children to access healthy, nutrient-rich food, promoting their development and well-being.

Kitchen garden for 2 families



Pregnancy and childbirth can deplete a lactating woman's nutritional stores. Your gift can help restore her health and well-being.

Nutrition supplements for 2 mothers



A basketful of joy! Nourish hungry and malnourished children with the gift of nutritious meals. A basket filled with pulses, oil, and cereals can sustain two families, ensuring their children stay healthy and well-fed.

Food basket for 2 families



Toilets are crucial in schools, preventing many children, especially girls, from dropping out after puberty. Help children enjoy a comfortable learning environment by ensuring they have access to these essential facilities.

Toilets for schools



Poor menstrual hygiene can lead to significant health risks, including reproductive and urinary tract infections. Provide WASH kits for 25 adolescent girls, each containing sanitary napkins, oil, a comb, lice comb, soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush, and hand sanitizer, ensuring their well-being during menstruation.

Hygiene kit for 25 children



Remedial Educational Centres offer specialized support for children aged 6 to 13, help them overcome learning challenges and access age-appropriate education through tailored tutoring and resources.

Remedial Education Center



In the grip of poverty, dreams slip through the fingers of children, unable to afford school fees. Families' financial struggles force them to abandon their ambitions, and some turn to child labour to survive. By taking that crucial step, you can empower them to go the distance towards a brighter future.

Higher Education Fees



For single mothers and women-led households, a small business is a dream realized. Your support can help establish a petty shop or provide a sewing machine to the most vulnerable families in our communities, empowering them to create a sustainable source of income.

Small Business for Livelihood



By gifting chickens, goats, and cows for the families you can offer a quick return on investment and provide a year-round income. Empower every family to secure their livelihood and enjoy the benefits of these multi-purpose animals.

Milch Animals for Livelihood



Providing child basket with school essentials like bags, water bottles, tiffin boxes can motivate children to attend and engage in their education. These baskets make learning more accessible and enjoyable

Child Basket



Impacting Lives

Resilience in Adversity

Sparking Hope with Every Smile

Adeshi, a resilient 6-year-old with anotia, finds joy in the company of his two goats and friends despite challenges. Raised by his mother, Seema, who has polio, they rely on loved ones for support. Through the gift of two goats, their lives have brightened, strengthening their bond and enhancing Adeshi's happiness and well-being.

Empowering Dreams

The Triumph of Three Delhi Girls

In one of Delhi's communities, three resilient girls from an indigent background, Poonam, Tulsi, and Pooja, overcame adversity to be the first in their rag-picking community to attempt the Class 10 exam through the National Institute of Open Schooling. Despite juggling rag-picking, school, and household chores, these inspiring girls embody the transformative power of education, offering hope of a life free from poverty.

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