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Gender and Development


It is crucial to look at the girl child and her rights to survival, protection, development and participation right from the foetal stage to adulthood, to eliminate negative cultural attitudes and strengthen the role of both family and State in improving the status of the girl child. Therefore World Vision India intentionally takes specific action points for the girl child in each issue – health, nutrition, education, and protection.

At the grassroots, girl child survival rates are monitored. Parents are educated, enabled and empowered to see the reality of the situation where positive consorted action is taken. Girl child education is encouraged through tuition centres and by providing cycles. Toilets are also built in school. These simple but effective initiatives help in improving school attendance among girls.

Our Community Based groups like women Self help groups, Children groups. Child Parliament, Adolescent and Youth groups, CBO men groups act as watch dogs to protect the girl children from crude gender discriminatory practices.

World Vision India is now focusing on projects where we can engage men to challenge gender discrimination and end child marriage etc.

The Match

Children participate in a football match organized by the Football Club, Goa

Sponsor Visit

Rebika is delighted to meet her sponsor Mrs. Aparna Sen.

I can hear!

Hearing Aids help Bhavyasri hear now. Her parents were elated to see their daughter respond when they called.


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