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Empowering women

If you think it's not a woman’s job to fix a hand pump? These women will prove you wrong. 53 women from the communities we serve in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh participated in a practical training programme conducted by World Vision India. p>

 Empowering women

World Vision India in partnership with the Sarathi Development Foundation, trained women on the basics of hand pump repairing and maintenance and testing water for contamination.

In the photograph, (L-R) 30-year-old Sadhna, 40-year-old Rekha and 27-year-old Radha are in the process of checking a community hand pump.

“We need to take their(men) help if big things need to be repaired and if the pump needs to be lifted or taken out for major work. But since everyone has to fill water and water issues affect everyone, most people come to help us,” says 30-year-old Sadhna.

Rekha continues enthusiastically about her experience at the training. “We were divided into different groups and went to selected villages to test the water from the hand pump. The information we got here was really good because we didn’t know how to test water. In fact, we never even knew that water had to be tested. It was an eye-opening experience when we saw water, changing colour. To us, water appeared pure and the possibility of it being impure when it looked clear, never occurred to us. But through this we found out which taps have good water and which sources are polluted.

The women initially thought it was a difficult task to repair a hand pump, but after the practical sessions, they are more confident in repairing small problems.

“Earlier we depended upon our husband to call the ‘Mistry’ (a man who repairs pumps). It would take a long time (sometimes months) to get a small job done. It would also be very costly. The most important thing we learnt in this training was that sometimes the problem in the hand pump was a very simple one and could be fixed easily. Especially during times when there is water scarcity, if one hand pump is out of order it puts a lot of pressure on the other ones. Now we just open it up and see what the problem is. If the chain has to be changed we just change it. I have repaired my personal hand pump at home on several occasions now and saved a lot of money in the process,” says Rekha (40).

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