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Safety First

With open drains, garbage litter and congested schools, Aliya’s community was not even close to being child-friendly or safe during a disaster. Through training, her community has become aware of the dangers and is getting better.

 Safety First

In a community we serve in Lucknow, Aliya’s house opens directly to an uncovered drainage. Aliya and her younger sister and brother play on the street, oblivious to the dangers because they are used to it. In the monsoon season, the drainage turns into a small river and washes away everything. But most times, it stagnates and become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Aliya’s school has no playground or halls and the entrance directly opens to the principal’s office. “There are around 500 students in my school. In case of earthquake and other disaster it’s very hard for all of us to sit together like this. We have only one gate for entry and exit,” says Aliya.

World Vision India trained children and some people from the community, where Aliya lives, to identity potential risks in their area. “We began to be mindful only after DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction) training: that the drainages are open and our children fall in them and it’s dangerous,” says Ragni, a community member. .

The empowerment was to the extent that a group of children met the Ward Councillor to remind him of the dire state of their neighbourhood. The next day onwards, a garbage truck started doing the rounds and the community is much cleaner now.

The Match

Children participate in a football match organized by the Football Club, Goa

Sponsor Visit

Rebika is delighted to meet her sponsor Mrs. Aparna Sen.

Visiting my Child

Mr. Archisman Chatterjee elated to meet his sponsored child Rajak in Rajasthan.

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