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As an organisation that works towards the best interest of the poor, we ensure to make the best use of our resources. Through your continuous support, children, their families and communities witness developments that open doors to lasting change.


Just as our partners faithfully give towards the upliftment of the poor, we are faithful in utilising the resources they trust us with.

When you sponsor a child, you will receive

Tax benefits under sec 80G

Our magazine Jeevan Sparsh

An opportunity to write to and visit your child

Don’t let children give up on education

The vulnerable have been hit the hardest by the crisis brought on by COVID-19 pandemic. With sudden disruption of income flow, daily wagers and other labourers are helplessly gaping at a non-existent future. When people with secured jobs themselves are beginning to get apprehensive about their future, think about those who barely survived in the days preceding COVID-19. For them, the future is something their hearts do not wish to comprehend.

When a family’s income takes a hit, the first compromise parents are forced to make is their children’s education. Somewhere in all of this, a child’s future will be put in jeopardy.

Education is a child’s right and it can be never denied. This year, World Vision India’s Back to School catalogue will ensure that children remain in school and do not give up on education. By giving through Back to School, you can provide the bare necessities like school fees or the vital infrastructure for schools like desks and benches and smart classes. Your support is much needed now, more than ever.

Stories of change

For every pair you purchase, a child’s health is at stake

“My work usually involves sticking pieces of the shoe together with glue. The glue has a very strong smell that makes me dizzy and sick when I use it for too long. I can’t focus on work sometimes because of this, and the manager gets angry and shouts at me when I make mistakes. He scares me.” says 12-year-old Rahul.

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From student to teacher

Sometimes motivation is all one needs to trigger the zeal inside of them.Sadhna's participation in the LSTD programme kindled the talent inside her. She now writes poems and also take classes for younger children attending the LSTD programme.

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