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Urgent Relief and Our Response

Immediate Needs:

The aftermath reveals persistent challenges, including water stagnation, hampering mobility and access to necessities. Immediate needs include food items, hygiene materials, chlorine tablets for clean water, and essential non-food items. World Vision India's response plan targets 15,000 families with emergency assistance, providing dry ration kits, hygiene kits, and non-food items.

World Vision India's Action:

World Vision India's ground assessment informs our commitment to supporting affected families. Emergency relief kits, consisting of dry ration, hygiene, and non-food items, are designed to address immediate needs and facilitate recovery. Beneficiaries, prioritized based on vulnerability, include the poorest of the poor, daily wage earners, disabled individuals, and women-headed families.

Accountability and Evaluation

Accountability to the
Affected Population

World Vision India prioritizes transparency and community engagement. Information sharing, community consultation, promotion of participation, and a complaint and response mechanism are integral to our commitment to accountability. The affected population will actively contribute to the planning, implementation, and evaluation phases.

Human Resources and
Management Plan

Our comprehensive emergency response is under the direct supervision of the National Director of World Vision. Specialized teams manage humanitarian affairs, operations, finance, people and culture, supply chain, information technology, and communications. Ongoing communication with local government authorities ensures necessary approvals for relief support.

Time Frame and
Implementation Plan

The distribution process will be completed within 45 days of fund receipt, encompassing rapid assessments, beneficiary identification, procurement, and distribution. The response team adheres to industry standards, CHS, and SPHERE standards, ensuring disability and gender inclusion.

Coordination with NGOs and IAGs

World Vision India collaborates with NDMA, UN, IAGs, Sphere India, and other INGOs for effective coordination. Our response aligns with government initiatives, ensuring a unified effort in meeting the basic needs of all affected populations.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Our response team oversees relief operations, focusing on timeliness and appropriateness. Community groups and representatives assist in monitoring, ensuring quality, and conducting satisfaction surveys to maintain accountability at all distribution points.

Join Us in Being the Change

World Vision India remains dedicated to alleviating the immediate and lasting repercussions of Cyclone Michaung, providing crucial support to those in need. Your assistance ensures a rapid and effective response, aiding communities in rebuilding their lives after this devastating natural disaster.

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How We Work

For as little as Rs. 1000 a month, Child Sponsorship helps give a whole community access to life's basic essentials. This contribution from our supporters enables us to systematically invest in the ideal environment for child development. Sponsor a child today.

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Gender and Development

Gender and Development

We work with families and communities to eliminate negative cultural attitudes towards the girl child. Sponsor a child to strengthen the roles in improving their status. Girl child education is encouraged through tuition centres....read more

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

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Humanitarian Emergency Assistance

Humanitarian Emergency Assistance

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